After First Step and Reflets, Dedications is the third record composed and performed by saxophonist Michel El Malem. He once again gathers his group, formed by guitarist Romain Pilon, bassist Stéphane Kerecki and drummer Luc Isenmann, with the American pianist Marc Copland as a guest.

Produced by the association Jazz 89 and Michel El Malem, this third album was recorded and mixed in 2019 by sound engineer Gérard de Haro at La Buissonne studios near Avignon. It was then mastered by Nicolas Baillard.

inner circle musicDedications is now distributed by the American label Inner Circle Music, created in 2008 by saxophonist Greg Osby with the aim of highlighting original compositions, particularly from the current New York jazz scene. Michel El Malem now appears in the Inner Circle Music catalogue alongside saxophonists Troy Roberts and Adam Larson and other inspiring instrumentalists. A special milestone in his career.

Here is the list of these “dedications”:

  • Salvador Batman To my little black cat: 8:27
  • Lieb on The Road To David Liebman: 9:14
  • Renée & Charles To my parents : 6:09
  • Wonder Manon To Manon Lamoureux : 8:42
  • Cercle To Florence Salagnac: 6:24
  • Mr MC To Marc Copland : 5:06