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  1. Salvador Batman
  2. Lieb on the road
  3. Renée et Charles
  4. Wonder Manon
  5. Cercle
  6. Mr MC

All compositions by Michel El Malem

Dedication in the plural or even singular
For a new life or friendship.
A little word for her a little word for him
Eternal feelings or beautiful desires.
In the name of friendship dedicate again
With the musicians whose talent honors me.
Six pieces of a mirror that never breaks
It is first of all to Love that I dedicate them.

Robert Basquin

I enjoyed Michel’s recording, especially the compositions and arrangements.

Dave Liebman

The compositions are great. You played some good solos and your saxophone tone both tenor and soprano are superb.

Greg Osby

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Artists : Marc Copland, Michel El Malem Group
Genre : Jazz
Format : CD

Dedications is Michel El Malem’s third album and was released by the American label Inner Circle Music.