“A powerful saxophonist and formidable improviser, Michel El Malem had already seduced us in 2008 with his first album “First Step”. He comes back with a bluffing second opus “Reflets” and these 7 splendid original themes.

The artist started playing the guitar at the age of 15 and only switched to the saxophone and piano at the age of 30. He studied the instrument with Sylvain Beuf and Remi Biet, arrangement and orchestration with Marc Berkovitz. Very soon he was composing for shows while performing alongside artists such as Sylvain Beuf, Michel Perez, Diego Imbert, Baptiste Trotignon and the American pianist Marc Copland.

It is the latter, considered as one of the most sensitive pianists of contemporary jazz, that he invited on “Reflets” with his faithful quartet composed of guitarist Michael Felberbaum, double bassist Marc Buronfosse and drummer Jean-Luc Isenmann. The mastery and fluidity of Michel El Malem’s playing is here at the service of elegant compositions with warm harmonies. There is no virtuoso demonstration in this work; the musicians offer us a lesson in teamwork and cohesion. A magnificent album”.

Source : FIP