Jazz evening with Michel El Malem. Michel El Malem group will perform on Saturday on the stage of the music workshop.

Guitarist until the age of thirty, Michel El Malem then learned piano and started a career as a saxophonist with a first album.


With his quartet, he invites us to a much more collective adventure than in his first album, with themes of warm harmonies.

There is, in this mastered universe, the alliance of the softness of groove and a modal jazz under control. “Michel El Malem’s compositions are superb. They are sometimes a little melancholic, but always without pathos just with the effusion of strong feelings. A kind of touching tenderness,” says Pierre Carlin, the president of the workshop.

Practical. Concert by Michel El Malam, Saturday at 9 pm. Price: 15 €, members: 10 €. Reservations possible on ateliermusicalsgm.com


Concert Michel El Malem Echo républicainSource: L’Écho Républicain