Who are your favorite jazz greats?

Charlie Parker, John Cotrane, Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Tony williams, Ron Carter, Michael Brecker and many many more…..

Why is it important for young people today to learn about jazz?

Because jazz is a music of absolute creativity. It asks musicians to combine science, poetry, courage for life, to share and exchange directly and instantly with other musicians while playing.

What is your most memorable jazz ‘moment’?

A CD and recent concert with Marc Copland (piano)

Do you think that music (and jazz in particular) can promote peace and tolerance?

Yes deeply, all kinds of music, every kind of art contains messages of peace, love for life and for others, but can also express every human feeling, from the best to the worst.

Why do you think a day like International Jazz Day is important?

Jazz needs to expand its public; an event like this, with such important musicians, can only have a good impact for the cause of jazz.

What is one action the public could do to promote Jazz Day or the values of jazz?

Discuss it live or through the internet as soon as possible, go to concerts, buy CDs…

Do you think jazz brings together people from different cultures? Can you give examples from your personal experience?

Undoubtedly, jazz has developed a lot over the last 100 years and has become international. “It’s like eggs; it gets mixed in many plates”

I am Moroccan, born and living in Paris. I went for the first time to Morocco 5 years ago. I’ve played with GNAWA musicians in Essaouira. Thanks to our improvisation work, we were able to play a mixture of their culture and of mine. We made a great ‘world jazz’ moment.

From unesco.org