A true collective adventure, the fruit of the combination of musicians who appreciate each other, we meet here, and this is a surprise, Marc Copland in a register that is much more open and less introverted than usual, while keeping that kind of resonance and pedal effect in his piano playing that makes him instantly recognizable. We find, as in his previous album First Step, the formidable Marc Buronfosse, indisputably one of the best French double bassists, together with Michael Felderbaum, a guitarist who is constantly improving. The drummer, Luc Issenmann, less well known but no less good for all that and who should be widely known, forms with the bass player a rather peachy and efficient pair.

Michel El Malem, a rather discreet musician but with a beautiful musical stature, asserts himself a little more with each record. Somewhere between Michael Brecker and Wayne Shorter, he has a fondness for the slightly modal style of jazz. However, the idea he had of inviting Marc Copland to play with him changes the vision of his music a little. Often a little melancholic and tinged with blue, his way of composing takes on colour and a little more joie de vivre. Naturally energetic, he brings us really good music enriched by the contribution of all the participants who have not been asked to participate in such and such a party. I’m going to say it once again but Marc Copland’s contribution is essential as much as it is unexpected. It’s not his role that surprises, but above all the much more open way in which he plays.

The compositions are quite varied and can be soft as in 328, or swing as in Essaouira where his roots stand out beautifully. His modal side, which he appreciates, is well found in La Mort n’existe Pas and this kind of cheerfulness found with the base of the band in Ici.

Serenity is the order of the day throughout this very successful and very pleasantly solid and inspired album. A really good record that we often listen to again and again, and that’s not every day!

Source : FNAC